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What is Mythic United?

Mythic United is two long-time friends doing what they love – talking about and playing video games.

Who is Mythic United?

Tony and Jim. XBL: Mk Anthony & PowerGrudge.

What kind of stuff do you make?

We make lets plays and stream live on Twitch, uploading to YouTube. We also do reviews, news articles, and opinion pieces about Video Games.

What kind of games do you play?

A wide variety – we cover Xbox, PC, Nintendo, and Playstation. Halo is our favourite by far, but we often branch out to other games and platforms.

Can I request what you play?

We are open to requests – email us at and let us know what you would like to see us do.


I don’t like something I read/watched. Who do I reach out to?

Email us at We’re not censored in any way – so you will hear vulgar language and inappropriate comments. We live our lives, you live yours.

I really like something I read/watched. Who do I reach out to?

Well, thank you! The best thing you can do is leave a comment, like, and share it with your friends. Get the word out – its the only way we grow and the only way we know what works.

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