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World War II Battlefield is Back! What Matters: Video Games News | Week of March 2, 2018

What matters this week in gaming? We sift through the daily junk to find what matters in video games each and every week, to bring you the stories and games you care about.

This week in gaming news, this year’s Battlefield game is reported to be set in World War II, be named Battlefield V, Horizon Zero Dawn has sold more than 7 million copies, and Overwatch reveals its newest hero.

No New Notable Games This Week

Top Stories This Week

Battlefield 2018 reportedly set in WWII, to be called Battlefield V

A GamesBeat source that is close to the Battlefield franchise has reported that this year’s Battlefield game will be set in World War II, and will be called Battlefield V. This directly rivals a previous rumour that this year’s Battlefield would be Battlefield Bad Company 3 and be set in Vietnam. More on this here.


Battlefield 2018 microtransactions reportedly cosmetic only after Battlefront II controversy

A source has told Kotaku that the next Battlefield game will include cosmetic microtransactions, and no other kind. “No one’s gonna do any pay-to-win stuff anymore” the source told Kotaku, after the incredible controvery around Star Wars Battlefront II. More on this here.

Sony restructuring to focus on first-party games

Sony announced that it will restructure at the start of April to focus on creating “attractive and powerful first party titles” for the Playstation 4 and future consoles. This could be in-part due to Horizon Zero Dawn’s incredible success… (see below). More on this here.

Horizon Zero Dawn sells more than 7 million copies

Horizon Zero Dawn is officially Sony’s most successful new first-party franchise on the PS4, selling over 7.6 million copies in its first year on the market. More on this here.


New Overwatch hero revealed, Brigitte

Overwatch has officially revealed its 27th hero, Brigitte the support character. To see Brigitte in action, watch the video below!

Steven Spielberg’s Halo TV series may begin shooting in the Fall

According to Production Weekly, the long anticipated halo tv series, which will run on Showtime, will begin to shoot this fall. More on this here.


Four more Xbox 360 games enhanced for Xbox One X

Another batch of Xbox 360 games are being enhanced for the Xbox One X, including Fable Anniversary and Crackdown.

Xbox Game Pass games for March fully revealed, highlight Sea of Thieves, Rise of the Tom Raider, and Super Lucky’s Tale

This month marks the first month of a first-party game releasing on launch day for Xbox Game Pass with Sea of Thieves. Also included are a myriad of other big exclusives (and former exclusives) such as Super Lucky’s Tale and Rise of the Tom Raider.

xbox game pass march

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Recommended Video

I love Halo tricks – it always astounds me how they manage to figure this stuff out and string together long sequences. Do yourself and favour, and watch this video.

And that’s what matters this week in video games! Let us know in the comments below if we missed anything noteworthy. Until next week, this is Mythic United signing off.

This report covers the most important gaming news from Friday to Friday every week, and releases on the following Monday. If you have any questions or thoughts, please let us know in the comments.

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