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NO LOOT BOXES IN SEA OF THIEVES! What Matters: Video Games News | Week of February 16, 2018

What matters this week in gaming? We sift through the daily junk to find what matters in video games each and every week, to bring you the stories and games you care about.

This week in gaming news, Bayonetta 1 & 2 are out on the Nintendo Switch, Sea of Thieves is confirmed to have no loot boxes, and a Spyro Trilogy Remaster is reportedly in the works for PS4 and other platforms.

Top New Games This Week

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

[Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One] – 77 Metacritic Score


“It’s one of the most satisfying, rewarding role-playing experiences I’ve enjoyed on PC for a while, but the inconsistent performance and the game’s tendency to completely break does test my patience from time to time.” – PC Gamer


[Platforms: PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One] – 76 Metacritic Score


“Fe is a magical, expansive and multi-hued world that creates a sense of marvel. Like a real-life walk in the woods, it is a thing of elemental beauty that demands to be inhaled and admired.” – Polygon


[Platform: Switch] – 84 Metacritic Score


“Bayonetta was, and still is, one of the finest action games ever created.” – Switch Player

Bayonetta 2

[Platform: Switch] – 91 Metacritic Score


“It runs without a hitch at 60fps, looks incredible in both TV and tabletop modes and offers an addictive free-flowing combat formula that sprinkles in platforming, light exploration and a ridiculous story to create something that you simply need to experience.” – Nintendo Life

Top Stories This Week

Sea of Thieves has no lootboxes, non-invasive microtransactions confirmed

Rare’s upcoming Sea of Thieves will not include any loot boxes, studio head Craig Duncan told Eurogamer in an interview. There is, however, a premium shop that has microtransactions for items and accessories that do not affect progression or give any player an advantage. More on this here.

Yes, it really does look this good.

Disney in talks with 2 new game publishers for Star Wars

After the disastrous microtransaction situation with Star Wars Battlefront II, Disney is reportedly in talks with 2 new publishers for future Star Wars games. Whether this will manifest into a change, or simply encourage EA to smarten up their business practices remains to be seen. More on this here.

THQ Nordic acquires Saints Row, Dead Island, and Metro developers

THQ Nordic has acquired several development studios and publishing rights to major AAA franchises, including the Saints Row, Dead Island, and Metro series. This is a suprising move, as these franchises were formerly owned by THQ before they dissolved into several smaller companies and sold off their IP. It appears that the remnants of THQ is trying to come back into its former self. More on this here.

Xbox Live party chat now available on iOS and Android devices

Major Nelson announced on Twitter that Xbox Live party chat is now available for users on iOS and Android to use from their devices. This means that you can now create and join parties from your phone and talk with friends.

For Honor has over 1 million people playing every month

Ubisoft revealed on their quarterly financial call that For Honor has had more than 7.5 million people play the game, and has over 1 million unique players every month. To listen to the call, click here.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will add Broly and Bardock in first DLC

The mega-popular fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ has revealed its first DLC characters in an issue of V-Jump magazine. They include the ultra-powerful Legendary Super Saiyan Broly as well as Goku’s father, Bardock. See below for the official reveal.


Spyro Trilogy Remaster coming to PS4 later this year, other platforms in 2019

Activision is reportedly remastering the Spyro trilogy for PS4, which will release is Q3 2018 on the PS4. It’s supposed to be announced in March, as well it’s reported to come out for other platforms in 2019. More on this here.

99% of banned PUBG accounts are from China

PUBG’s anti-cheater tech provider BattlEye has indicated that 99% of all cheaters banned are from China. In addition, 46% of PUBG’s player base is China. More on this here.

Mythic United Highlights

I published my review in retrospective for Halo Wars 2. Read my thoughts below!

Halo Wars 2 – Review in Retrospective

What Mattered Last Week

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Recommended Video

Speaking of Sea of Thieves, Unlocked recently interviewed studio head Craig Duncan about the game. A great listen.

And that’s what matters this week in video games! Let us know in the comments below if we missed anything noteworthy. Until next week, this is Mythic United signing off.

This report covers the most important gaming news from Friday to Friday every week, and releases on Sunday. If you have any questions or thoughts, please let us know in the comments.

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