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5 Games That Should be Remastered for the Nintendo Switch

On the dawn before the Nintendo Switch’s first full calendar year on the market, owners are salivating for more games to come out on the system. Sales of games on the Switch are staggeringly high, which is a by-product of there being not enough games for the system yet. While this is certain to change over the course of 2018, there will no doubt be a yearning for some classic experiences on the ultra-hybrid console. Do you focus on creating new experiences, or allow gamers to revist the best of the best? With virtual console seemingly far away, Nintendo could toy with the idea of fully remastering some of their best games for the Switch. With that, here are 5 games that should be remastered for the Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Sunshine

Arguably the most underrated Mario game, Super Mario Sunshine still has a dedicated community that speedruns the game and keeps it in the limelight. The most unique 3D Mario game by far, Super Mario Sunshine was initially met with equal praise and criticism. The acutely smooth movement and unique design of the game are its highlights, whereas the addition of the blue coins was seen as padding to a game that didn’t have as many natural shines or “stars” as Super Mario 64. Regardless, Super Mario Sunshine remains one of my favorite games of all-time and I would love to see it remastered on the Switch. The game has aged very well on the GameCube due to its clean and colorful art style, and I believe that this game would fit perfectly into the Switch’s library. I believe that releasing the game in HD on the Nintendo Switch would allow the game’s island spirit to truly shine (see what I did there?) with beautiful visuals and an enhanced resolution.


The ability to use the joycons or the pro-controller (and perhaps, GameCube controller support down the line) would make this game work well on the switch, with the only real barrier being figuring out how to activate the triggers the same way the GameCube did. Once they get past that, remastering & releasing Super Mario Sunshine on the Switch would be a dream come true for gamers.

Super Monkey Ball

51HNMJV8F0L._AC_SX430_Super Monkey Ball was a fun experience using a controller as well as the Wii mote, but I think that the ability to engage the joycons as the activators for this game’s mechanics would fit perfectly for the Nintendo Switch. A fun, colorful, and (at times) challenging puzzle experience, Super Monkey Ball hasn’t seen much love since the Wii. Revisiting the series and engaging millions of gamers that are seemingly starved for more great content on the Switch would be a fine idea.


This is cheating a little, but the Nintendo Switch is the perfect console to play Pokémon with. The ability to plug into the TV or take it on-the-go is something that a Pokémon game has only ever done twice before – on the GameCube and Nintendo 64 using adapters through pokémon stadium and pokémon coliseum. It would work so naturally on the Switch that Nintendo should capitalize on this and give some of their older titles some love. Below are a few of my picks:

  • Leaf Green/Fire Red

    • Revisiting the classic games through leaf green/fire red was great on the Gameboy Advance, but imagine experiencing these games for truly the first time on your tv.
  • Pokémon Snap

    • The nature of the switch’s build offers itself perfectly to the style of Pokémon Snap. Providing a deep visual overhaul and allowing players to control the camera through the joycons OR panning the switch around the room would be a perfect marriage.


  • Pokémon Stadium

    • Pokémon stadium would be a happy medium between a traditional pékemon game and a console pokémon game that would work well on the Switch. Packed with mini-games, gym leaders, online play, and tournaments would give this game legs to stand on for years.

Metroid Prime Trilogy

With the impending Metroid Prime 4 coming to the switch, what better way to prepare gamers for the release than to release all of the old classics back onto the Switch? The Metroid Prime trilogy would lend itself nicely to the Switch with the ability to play the game on the big screen and then take it on-the-go with you as you are playing. These games involve plenty of space-dungeon crawling which is awesome to experience on the big screen and was loved by critics at release. Still one of the most beloved series in Nintendo’s history, Metroid Prime Trilogy should receive increased resolution and come to the Switch.


Super Mario Maker

I’m glad that this game was released on the Nintendo 3DS after coming out solely on the Wii U. This game is phenomenal and should be enjoyed by the most amount of people possible. The sheer creativity and endless replayability make this game extremely special, and it would fit nicely within the Switch’s library.

maxresdefault (1)

Allowing players to make their own maps using the joycons as extensions of their arms would be a nice added touch, and the ability to take the game on-the-go with you would be a nice feature in finally linking the portable and console communities with this game.

But what do you think? What game deserves to be remastered for the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments.

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