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Mythic United: Looking Back & Ahead

Mythic United Community,

I wanted to take the time to express our gratitude for indulging in our content over the past three (yes, it’s already been three!) years. 2017 was a big year for us, and in 2018 I hope to continue our forward momentum. To start, I wanted to look back at the past year and try to outline a content strategy for this year.


2017 was a banner year for Mythic United. In our third year, we continued to increase our viewership in every category including Lets Plays, blog posts, and other website traffic. Statistically, this was our best year yet with more than 20% growth overall. Our year wasn’t without fault, however.

We started off 2017 very strong. Jim & I doubled down on creating Lets Play series in the form of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, ReCore, and Halo Wars 2. Not only that, we were streaming semi-regularly on Twitch as well as publishing blog posts. We had a steady content stream and, even though our viewership was small, it was beneficial to our brand to be so consistent. Over the past two weeks, I’ve uploaded most of our series back onto our website. Our past is an important part of our future.

From April through August, radio silence. It was a busy time for both of us. Needless to say, it was disappointing. Everything that we built at the beginning of 2017 came crashing down. The momentum, viewers, and inspiration were all gone.

September through December was a period of inspiration. We became active once again. Blog posts came out on a regular, weekly or better basis and the new series What Matters This Week started. Streams of Halo, PUBG, Star Wars Battlefront II, and Call of Duty WWII all became more frequent. In December, Jim introduced us to Mythic Music, a podcast about music… something Jim is extremely knowledgeable about. I guarantee it will open your eyes when it officially kicks off in 2018.

If we had been more consistent throughout the entire year, I can only imagine the things we could have done. But that’s where 2018 begins… 2018’s strategy is consistent quality.


Consistent Quality

There are two pillars of our 2018 strategy: Consistency and Quality.


Keeping a steady flow of content from Mythic United is important. It creates a sense of community. Those who interact with our content know that more is coming on a regular basis, and can look forward to it. Consistency can be through a combination of several different mediums, even though each medium may be inconsistent. For example, while What Matters This Week is a very consistent platform, things like streaming, podcasts, and reviews, while inconsistent in their own medium, provide a consistent flow of other content in combination.

What Matters This Week

What Matters This Week became a beacon of consistency at the end of 2017 for Mythic United, and it will remain so in 2018. Posting every Sunday (kicking off next week) I will continue to let our audience know what they need to know in the gaming world each and every week.


Streaming is so easy to do in 2018. Whether it’s through Mixer or Twitch, it only makes sense to do this when possible. While I (& by extension, Jim) cannot commit to a stream every week, you can be assured that streams will become a part of the regular content cycle here on Mythic United. If you miss our streams, they’re all re-uploaded onto our YouTube channel, as well as our website.

Mythic Music

This is Jim’s passion project. As with all-things passion, there won’t be an effort to push these out on a scheduled basis but it will be a part of our podcast initiative. You can listen to Episode 0 here.

Mythic Pod

Surprise! Another podcast coming your way in 2018. This is my passion project, and we will talk at length about video games. Similar to Mythic Music, this podcast will not be scheduled, but rather be created and posted when inspiration strikes. Between this and Mythic Music, there should be a semi-regular podcast coming to you.

Opinion Pieces

You can expect original blog posts such as 5 Reasons to Buy a Nintendo Switch This Holiday or Quantum Break? More like Quantum ‘Great’ once a month or more.


Reviews will be once a month, and dependent on what games I’m completing or have completed recently. If I haven’t played the game enough to review it, I’m not going to review it. My most recent reviews were Call of Duty: WWII Review (Xbox One)Super Mario Odyssey Review, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review (Wii U).

Let’s Plays

These will mostly come in the form of stream recaps but expect a regular run of series continuing all year. Currently, my Halo 4 Legendary run will kick-off 2018, and you can stay up-to-date on this series and all future series on our YouTube channel. As well, all video content will be linked to our social media platforms and redirected to our website. Follow the links.


Equally, the quality of our content is vital to Mythic United. Even though we must strive to be consistent, the content must meet a certain personal benchmark. If I don’t feel good about posting something, or I feel like I need to post something to remain consistent, it’s not worth posting. As much as quality compliments consistency, it’s also its counterpart.

That being said, quality is something that we can always improve on, specifically production quality in everything we do. For example, recording a series on Mixer & uploading the recap (Halo 4 series) makes it so some parts of the video are unclear… not great for the viewing experience. Until we can get a better permanent solution, some things may remain in that state. For the most part, however, quality will trump consistency.

In closing, 2018 will be a big year for us. Mythic United is completely run by two people with full-time jobs. This is a passion project – but I hope to keep on growing it as much as possible. At the very least, it’s a great creative outlet for us and something that Jim & I always wanted to do growing up (and have been doing for three years now). We have a lot of silent viewers/readers/listeners in our community, and something I want to do is engage everyone more this year. The best way to improve what we do and make content that people want to watch is to get feedback from the same people who want to consume it. On that note, I welcome all challenges, feedback, and possibilities in 2018. Let us know your thoughts! Thank you again for all of your support and continued loyalty.



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