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What Matters: Video Games News | Week of November 17, 2017

We sift through the daily junk to find what matters in video games each and every week, to bring you the stories and games you care about. This week in gaming news, a ton of games released on Nintendo Switch including Skyrim & Rocket League, Star Wars Battlefront II’s Microtransactions are a complete disaster, and PUBG’s new desert map is revealed in the latest patch.

Top New Games This Week

Star Wars Battlefront II [Platforms: PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One] – 72 Metacritic Score

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“A spectacular, occasionally very fun tour of Star Wars battles that disappoints with a boring story, crappy progression system, and endless grenade spam.” – PC Gamer

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim [Platform: Switch] – 84 Metacritic Score

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“Motion controls add a breath of fresh air to a familiar game, with astounding results. A must-have for anyone with a Switch and a love of open world games.” – Gamesradar+

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon [Platform: Nintendo 3DS] – 86 Metacritic Score


With the Pokémon series moving to the Nintendo Switch, we’ll be entering a new era. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon may be the last purely handheld Pokémon games. It’s fitting then that these titles are two of the best Pokémon games made.” – Game Revolution


Rocket League [Platform: Switch] – 86 Metacritic Score


“One of modern gaming’s true multiplayer success stories, Rocket League is an essential addition to the Switch’s striking year-one library.” – Nintendo Life

LA Noire [Platform: Switch] – 79 Metacritic Score


L.A. Noire isn’t the prettiest project, but it still holds up because there isn’t anything quite like it even today.” – Destructoid

Top Stories This Week

Star Wars Battlefront II Turns off Microtransactions

Amid the firestorm that was the microtransaction situation for Battlefront II, pre-orders being canceled en-masse, review scores dropping in spite of the quality of the rest of the game, and pressure from Disney themselves, EA has temporarily turned off microtransactions for Star Wars Battlefront II. More on this here.


PUBG Reveals New Desert Map in Latest Patch

In the latest PUBG patch, there were details buried within of the highly anticipated second map for the gaming phenomenon. Responding to this, PUBG Corp has released new images of the map. More on this here.


Nintendo, Shadow of War Dominate October Sales

The Nintendo Switch and SNES Classic accounted for two-thirds of all hardware sales in October, whereas Shadow of War was October’s best selling game. That being said, Super Mario Odyssey was third on the list but did not include digital sales which very well could make it the best selling game of October. More on this here.

Call of Duty: WWII Delays Microtransactions until Next Week

Activision announced that it will be delaying microtransactions in its newest Call of Duty game until next week – perhaps in response to the massive backlash of Star Wars Battlefront II. More on this here.

It Takes 4,528 Hours play-time or $2,100 in Microtransactions to Unlock Everything in Battlefront II

In an impressive calculation, Sorean Kamper from Star Wars Gaming has estimated that it will take an impossible amount of time to unlock everything in Battlefront II, or over $2,000 in microtransactions. More on this here.


Last Week’s Opinion Piece

I created my top 10 must-have Xbox One games list. Check it out below.

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What Mattered Last Week

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Recommended Video

The Xbox One X is doing incredible so far – Rich from ReviewTechUSA analyzes the situation.

And that’s what matters this week in video games! Let us know in the comments below if we missed anything noteworthy. Until next week, this is Mythic United signing off.

This report covers the most important gaming news from Friday to Friday every week, and releases on Sunday. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments.

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