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What Matters: Video Games News | Week of October 13, 2017

We sift through the daily junk to find what matters in video games each and every week, to bring you the stories and games you care about. This week in gaming news, Middle Earth: Shadow of War comes out to praise, PUBG hits over 2 million concurrent steam users, and Cuphead, which released last week, hits an incredible milestone of over 1 million copies sold.

Top New Games This Week

Middle Earth: Shadow of War [Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC] – 82 Metacritic score


“Like Shadow of Mordor before it, Middle-earth: Shadow of War is so much more than just another open-world action game with Batman’s combat. Its amazing Nemesis system makes almost every encounter with a named enemy a memorable battle, and the new fortress sieges give it legs beyond the campaign through asynchronous multiplayer.” – IGN

The Evil Within 2 [Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC] – 83 Metacritic score


“Coming in at a lengthy and surprisingly packed 15-hour campaign, the sequel does an admirable job of ratcheting up the tension and scares when it needs to, while also giving you the freedom to explore and proceed how you want. It’s a tough thing to balance, but The Evil Within 2 does it remarkably well, and in a way that leaves a strong and lasting impression after its touching conclusion.” – Gamespot

Top Stories This Week

Overwatch Halloween Event Begins

The annual Halloween event has begun in Overwatch this week, along with new skins and Halloween crates to unlock. More on this here.

Microsoft Announces 4 Xbox One S 500GB Bundles for the Holidays

Microsoft has announced 4 new Xbox One S 500GB bundles for this holiday season. Every bundle is $279 USD and includes a wireless controller, 3 months of Xbox Live Gold, and 1 month of Xbox Game Pass. More on this here. The bundles are as follows:

Ultimate Halo Bundle: Full Game Downloads of Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: The Master Cheif Collection

Minecraft Complete Adventure Bundle: Full Game Downloads of Minecraft and Minecraft: Story Mode Season 1, as well as the Minecraft Explorer’s Pack and a number of skin and texture packs.

Rocket League Blast-Off Bundle: Full Game Download of Rocket League

Xbox One S Starter Bundle: Includes 3 Months of Xbox Game Pass (opposed to 1).

PUBG Hits 2 Million Concurrent Users on Steam

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has passed 2 million concurrent users on Steam. The mega-popular game continues to grow at a gargantuan rate and is showing no signs of slowing. More on this here.


New Super Mario Odyssey Trailer/Commercial

A brand new Super Mario Odyssey musical trailer released this week – check it out below. The hype is real.

New Xbox One Dashboard comes to Delta & Omega Insiders

The new preview of the Fall Dashboard update for Xbox One has been released to most Delta and Omega ring insiders this week. The new dashboard overhaul includes many visual upgrades such as a light colour scheme (which looks very reminiscent of the Xbox 360 theme, a redesigned dashboard and guide, as well as a massive speed boost. This update will be pushed out to the general public in the coming weeks. More on this here.


Cuphead Reaches 1 Million Copies Sold, Released Last Week

The critically acclaimed Cuphead which released last week has sold over 1 million copies over Steam and Xbox in its first week of sales. An incredible feat for any game, let alone an “indie” game, Cuphead’s long development cycle seems to have paid out in spades. More on this here.


Mixer Gains Major eSports Broadcast Rights

In a bid to increase engagement with Microsoft’s Twitch rival, Mixer will be the exclusive platform for the Paladins Console Series eSports tournament, which boasts a $250,000 prize pool and is played on PS4 and Xbox One. More on this here.


Last Week’s Opinion Piece

I reviewed Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Wii U this week. Check it out below.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review (Wii U)

What Mattered Last Week

What Matters: Video Games News | Week of October 6, 2017

Recommended Video

Another great video by The Act Man below. It’s important to remember just how good some games are, and sales numbers are not the only indicator of success (albeit the largest indicator).

And that’s what matters this week in video games! Let us know in the comments below if we missed anything noteworthy. Until next week, this is Mythic United signing off.

This report covers the most important gaming news from Friday to Friday every week, and releases on Sunday. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments.

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