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Halo 3’s 10th Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that Halo 3 turned 10 years old. Often regarded as the peak of the series, Halo 3 holds a special place in many gamer’s hearts including my own. I wasn’t planning on writing anything, but after playing some campaign missions in honour of the 10th anniversary, I was instantly infused with nostalgia, memories, and a love for Halo that I haven’t felt in a very long time. This article doesn’t have much of a purpose except to outline a few of my favourite things about this game. I had just started grade 8 when this game came out; I can safely say that I have grown up with this game. As an adult with a career now, I still yearn back to the days of playing Halo 3 online, or playing Halo 3 on Legendary with all skulls on with 3 of my closest friends. To this day we are all still best friends, and Halo (specifically, Halo 3) had a lot to do with that. I owe my friendships, my brotherhood, and in a lot of ways my life to Halo 3 which sounds silly but it’s entirely true.

Favourite Campaign Mission: The Covenant

TwoScarabs3-largeWhat an incredible mission. It has everything from vehicle combat, close quarters combat, powerful weapons, marines & elites to fight alongside, as well as fighting the Covenant and then the Flood! Taking over the towers, only to find out that Sgt. Johnson’s tower has been overrun by the Flood was a wicked moment that instilled urgency into the player.

Honourable Mention – Favourite Campaign Mission: The Ark


Scorpions, Gauss Hogs, Scarabs. Thank you. As well, take a look at the skybox and you will see the Milky Way Galaxy as well as the tendrils of the Ark pointing up. For the first time, Halo has found something as iconic as the Halo rings themselves.

Favourite Campaign Moment: Fighting alongside the Flood briefly to kill Truth, only to then have them (of course) turn on you. Chief is back to back with the Arbiter as he says “We trade one enemy for another” in what feels like a hopeless moment where the game is trying to kill you in any way possible, even after a major victory that was killing a Prophet.

“We trade one enemy for another”

Favourite Multiplayer Moment: Meeting random people online while playing with friends and becoming “Red Team” which forged an unbreakable bond between all of us. Go Red Team.

Favourite Weapon: Spartan Laser

Immensely satisfying weapon that takes a while to charge, but once you hit anything it evaporates.


Favourite Character: Sgt. Johnson – who makes the ultimate sacrifice. Often the comic relief of the series, Johnson becomes very serious for a moment and saves humanity. It’s hard to make me care about a character in a video game – this is how you do it.

Favourite Multiplayer Maps:





Sand Trap


The Pit




Favourite Custom Game: Duck Hunt

What a stupidly fun game. A bunch of spartans (ducks) make their way through an obstacle course as another spartan, perched high above the obstacle course with a sniper rifle, tries to hunt all of the ducks before they reach the end. If the ducks reach the end – the hunter is hunted and killed.

Is Halo 3 the best Halo game?

For a lot of people, yes it is. For me personally, I’ve always been drawn more to Halo 2 for a lot of reasons. The dueling campaign, perfect and revolutionary multiplayer, and incredible story behind the making of it…That being said, in terms of the fondest memories I have playing Halo they mostly exist on Halo 3. I didn’t have the chance to play Halo 2 online with many friends because at that point we were much younger and most of us did not have the capability. Halo 3 came out at the perfect time for all of us as we were all getting Xbox Live, all getting Xbox 360’s, and were all becoming teenagers who wanted nothing more than to play Halo. It blows my mind how they are not doing a H3A – it’s a no brainer and a great way to honour one of the greatest games ever made. It would go a long way in restoring some good faith in the Halo community, as well as build up hype for Halo in general which can only help the inevitable Halo 6 succeed.

maxresdefault (1)

I just finished Halo 3 on legendary difficulty for what seems like the 100th time this week – even though many are drawn back to Halo 3 for it’s 10th anniversary I know I will continue to play it each and every year. Truly, one of the greatest games of all-time.

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