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My Struggle with Owning Multiple Games

Despite the title of the post being odd and maybe off-putting, let me explain…


You would have to be living on a serious budget if you do not own more than one game for any given system. The way I used to buy games when I was younger, which is pretty much the way I bought games up until about late 2016, was “gotta have this; gotta have that; I didn’t know that came out; I can’t NOT get this; all my friends want to play it, so why not?”…and in a flash, money went flying out the window (or my parent’s money before my first job.) It makes it very hard to save money when all of your favourite franchises release something new and when newcomers to your collection make their way in. Whether something was on sale or not, price didn’t totally matter to me, although I never was one for collectors or big box set editions of games… but that’s not the point of this post.


It didn’t matter if I had just bought a game like Mass Effect, which requires hours of gameplay and dedication, I would go out (or sometimes off the digital store) buy whatever multiplayer FPS was out at the time, sometimes more than one. Trying to play everything at once is sort of like trying to drive a car for the first time; it’s a lot of start-and-go. In high school I would most likely have up to five games on-the-go, and I would lie if I said it was easy to keep up with everything. Usually my routine would go as such:

  • play at least an hour or two of my single player game I had going (i.e.: Skyrim)
  • whenever my friends would come on, most likely I would hop on a multiplayer game (i.e.: Halo)
  • depending on how long we would game, I would go back to a different, sometimes the same, single player game

A routine like that gets convoluted really quick with multiple new games coming out that I had wanted or older games my friends and I would buy to experience together. Nowadays, in my toned down state, my (almost) daily gaming routine really only consists of:

  • play something with friends for an hour-and-a-half to two hours
  • play something solo, whether it’s a multiplayer or singleplayer game (again, for maybe two hours if I have the time), and possibly record it for a future video idea

I’ve definitely restricted myself in all the best ways to try and control how many games I own at once/have on-the-go, however there is still a struggle to try to get to everything I currently own [this post sort-of ties into the previous blog post]. It’s almost like having too many toppings on a pizza; I want to be able to taste everything, but there’s constantly something new being added to the ingredients that peaks my interest. For example, at the moment I have set a goal for myself to run through all the Deus Ex games (minus Invisible War; not for quality reasons but because I do not own it nor want to buy it), being the PC debut, Human Revolution and Mankind Divided because I love the story that intertwines through all of them. However, I also have the intent of going through newer games from franchises I absolutely love; most notably Lego: The Force Awakens and especially Dishonored 2, the sequel to one of my favourite games ever.


The thread that goes through this whole situation is organization and being scatterbrained. In my experience, I have had a hard time trying to micromanage my time to be able to get to everything I want to. I’m going to use four games to make this next point; Grand Theft Auto V, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Halo 4 and Gears of War 3. I pick up GTA V new the day it came out and went home to play it. I install the game and play through the first hour to get a feel for it. Then I remember I was in the middle of Deus Ex at an interesting part in it’s story, and I decide to stop GTA for the time being and come back to it later. After the story bit in Deus Ex, I get more wrapped up in that than what I was doing in GTA (considering I just started), and decide to play another hour of Deus Ex. Then I feel bad about neglecting a game I just bought at full price, and decide to pop that back in and give that a good amount of time in the disc tray. A short amount of time passes and all my friends come on to jump onto Halo 4 for the night, so I drop GTA and slide in Halo. Then they all feel like playing Gears for a bit and we all transition to that. Meanwhile I really just want to go back to GTA, but by the time my interest peaks, my mind is so tired from all the gaming thusfar and call it a night. The next day this starts all over again, but the order of all the games might flip! Then there’s taking into account the campaigns that take place in the multiplayer games with multiple co-op modes and what-not… this might not sound so convoluted to some, but it is a constant struggle for myself being as scatter brained as I am. How can I fairly give attention to so many different games with so many different things to offer?


Before I type to the point of my brain frying, I want to end this post here. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself!

Jim, a.k.a PowerGrudge

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