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You Killed Fable Legends

You Killed Fable Legends.

Fable Legends was an upcoming Xbox One/Windows 10 exclusive with asymmetrical 1vs4 multiplayer where one player was the “villain” that tried to stop the four “heroes” from completing their mission. In all truth, there was not much “Fable” actually tied to Fable Legends. Equally, if the game was under different label (i.e., not Fable…new IP?) consumers would not have been so oppressive towards the concept. Unfortunately it was the massive uproar about Fable Legends not being Fable 4 that killed the game, and ultimately the studio. Now that the studio will close, years of hard work and years of planned content for the game (as told by Phil Spencer) are lost and may never be recovered… all because YOU did not give the game a chance. Let’s list the facts.

  1. Fable Legends was free, and only had micro-transactions if you wanted to use them.

Fable Legends was going to have a rotating set of characters (similar to Killer Instinct and their model on the Xbox One) that players could use and buy for a small fee if they liked them. If you did not want to buy anything and play Fable Legends for free, you could easily do so. The game was designed around it, and encouraged players to try new Heroes to find their fit and, if the consumer chose to buy their favourite character for a small fee. This is also the same model that popular MOBA games like DOTA 2 and League of Legends employ – it is a proven model that works and allows the consumer to choose how they want to pay for their game and what exactly they are paying for. It is ok to list constructive criticism on a game, but when it is free for play gamers should really try it before they knock it.

  1. Fable Legends was going to have cross-play, cross-save, and cross-buy.

Some of the best features about Fable Legends were its ability to cross-features over from the Xbox One and Windows 10 computers. Hero & villain progress would be saved across platforms meaning that no matter what platform you played on, your level and development for each character would be saved and transferred to the other platform. Not only that, you could play with- or against- players on opposing platforms (a feature that is beginning to be implemented across other games). This would allow the largest player base possible for the game to always be active. Lastly, any purchases on any platform would also transfer (just like your character progress) so that you would never have to pay more than once for the content you already owned. If that is not enough incentive to try the game and formulate an opinion, I don’t know what is.

  1. You (specifically) did not kill the game. It was the overall voice of the internet.

In my previous article about why You Should Give Fable Legends a Chance, I included some videos of people playing and enjoying the closed beta. In fact, the open beta was very close to becoming real and if more people were to actually experience the game before formulating an opinion the game might still be in development. Equally, it was the voice of the thousands of people criticizing Fable Legends for not being Fable 4 that killed the game.

  1. The concept of Fable Legends was unique and presented a unique opportunity.

Not many games give the player the chance to create the environment and challenges in the game. The heroes vs. villain’s concept allowed the villain to actively and in real-time change the challenges that the heroes would face, akin to a Dungeon Master in a classic game of Dungeons and Dragons or other classic role-playing games. The closest example to this style of game is Evolve with their heroes vs. monster concept that never really came to fruition the way they intended it to. Part of the reason for this was the stagnant map design and enemy encounters, with the only dynamic elements being the heroes and the monster itself. With Fable Legends, the map and elements of it change with the villain orchestrating it.

Concluding thoughts.

I was excited for Fable Legends, not because I didn’t want Fable 4 more (trust me, I did and still do want Fable 4 way more), but because I was excited to experience a game that allowed me to play and pay how I wanted to. I’ll attach a video of some cool beta footage for your arousal, but this will likely be the last you ever see of this game. It was a sad day for video games and the industry as a whole; good on Sony for opting to hire the staff there on their internal studios. Incredible talent and an innovative studio… one less 1st party studio for Xbox to lean on.


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