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Top 10 Playstation 2 Games

Every Week I will be posting a new “top 10” list for every major video game platform in my lifetime, starting with the 5th generation of consoles and moving forward from there. I would love to hear your input on some of your favourite games, from each console or handheld. This is not necessarily an objective list of the 10 best games on the console, but rather my subjective opinion on the best 10 games of each console.

Playstation 2

#10 I-Ninja

This is a severely underrated game in my opinion. I-Ninja brings about fantastic combat, platforming, and puzzle solving action. Watch the video below. I had a ton of great memories trying to complete this game (it actually becomes very difficult, very quickly), as you have to master your weapons, abilities, and timing to complete each stage. I regret selling my PS2 and my games, because when I re-purchased them this is the one game I could not – and still cannot find – anywhere.

#9 Gladius

Another quirky game that really surprised me – Gladius is like a game of chess only much bloodier. If I had to compare it to any game, it is actually very similar to the XCOM series. Turn based, move based, and weapon-based gameplay that has you improving your heroes and defeating foes to advance the game. I played this game on the Gamecube mostly, but it feels most at home on the PS2 in my opinion. You get to recruit new heroes and level them up, making up backstories for each of them and remembering their feats in battle. Different classes, weapons, and maps add a deep layer of depth. Watch the video.

#8 God of War II

I never liked the God of War series. Both God of War and God of War III never really appealed to me – but for some reason I distinctly remember beating God of War II 10 times over. The series itself is technically sound – the gameplay, visuals, story, and difficulty are all tuned acutely. My problem is that in the first and third game (and the spinoff) the combat is not varied enough and did not challenge me. I became bored very quickly. God of War II constantly had me trying over and over again, and I loved that.

#7 Okami

I felt sick when I first played this game – the art style was psychedelic and the combat was confusing (to me) at first. After playing this game many years after release, I appreciated its true beauty and value. A true gem, and a game that feels right at home on many consoles, Okami demonstrates the best of the video game industry as an art. Similar to Journey which moved heads and pushed the industry forward – Okami introduced many to the massive potential for video games to be art.

#6 Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Many claim this is the best Metal Gear game of all-time. I would argue that Peace Walker is the best, but I digress. MGS3 is an incredible game. The story is captivating and (surprisingly) easy to follow, the combat and stealth mechanics were as good as they could get at the time, and the visuals were top-notch. A true example of just a fantastic game.

#5 Star Wars Battlefront 2

The best Star Wars Battlefront game ever made is perfection on the PS2 (aside from the online functionality). The inclusion of space-combat, both the clone wars and the old trilogy, the massive galactic conquest mode, the campaign mode, and a huge selection of maps showcases what a Battlefront game should be (looking at you, DICE). There is a stupid amount of replayability in this game, and if you are looking for a great game to lose yourself in get Battlefront 2 on the PC and download a non-steam server to play with up to 64 people online.

#4 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas is often considered the better of the PS2 GTA games. I think that Vice City is much better, but read more about that soon. San Andreas is still an incredible achievement and a very fun game to play. The map is absolutely huge (even in today’s standards), and they added a layer of depth in character building and weapon customization. You could eat too much food and your character would get fat – or you could lift so much that he becomes an Arnie- impersonator.

#3 Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts II represents the absolute best the series has had to offer so far. Here’s hoping Kingdom Hearts III is just as special, because II is easily one of my favourite games of all-time. The game is incredibly deep with equipment, attacks, items, specials, and more. If you have played the first Kingdom Hearts, the story expands 10-fold over itself allowing for so much more to be explored (hence, the millions of spin-offs). This is one of the best RPG’s of all-time, yet alone PS2 games. If you have not played the Kingdom Hearts series, please, do so. You will not be disappointed. Play #1, and then experience #2.

#2 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

To this day, GTA: Vice City remains my favourite Grand Theft Auto. Technically, the map is kind of small and the city does not have much to do in it. What it lacks in, it makes up for in riches of personality and atmosphere. The 80’s are perfectly personified in this game, from the incredible soundtrack (still to this day, one of my favourite soundtracks of any video game) to the neon lights of the city. If you are a fan of the GTA series, this is a cant-miss.

#1 Final Fantasy X

Well, here we are. The best game on the PS2 in my opinion is easily Final Fantasy X, and to this day I think that this is the best RPG I have ever played. The story is deep, emotional, and ensures to invest you right before they tear you apart. The turn-based combat is awesome, the leveling and ability system is great, and the characters are memorable. Also, Blitzball is one of the best mini-games in any game (seriously, I would buy a Blitzball-only game in a heartbeat). I am so captivated by this particular entry in the series, that I am considering purchasing a PS4/PS3 simply for the reason of playing this game in HD. Also, there are nearly 12 hours of cutscenes… which is crazy. But I love it. And you will too. Play it! It is one of the best-crafted games in the series, and certainly one of my favourites of all-time.


Thank you for reading! I’d love to talk to you in the comments below.

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