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Quantum Break? More like Quantum ‘Great’

Remedy Games are some of the best storytellers in the video game industry. Franchises like Max Payne and the severely underrated Alan Wake series have stood the test of time. That is a great segway into their newest franchise, Quantum Break. Excusing the atrocious pun in the title, Quantum Break has the opportunity to be something very special. Remedy is effectively creating the next big Xbox pillar alongside Halo, Gears, Forza, and Fable. Quantum Break introduces time-stopping and manipulation mechanics, where you have the power to stop and control time around you. This leaves incredible gameplay possibilities that no other game has attempted before (the closest being the “bullet-time” mechanics from Max-Payne, also Remedy made).

Look at Uncharted as a prime example. It is a franchise that started on the Playstation 3 by a developer who has had incredible success in other games. They decided to do something familiar, but completely new at the same time by having an action/platforming game with a heavy focus on big set pieces and storytelling. Quantum Break is a mirror image of this, with Remedy having incredible success with Max Payne and also the short-lived Alan Wake series. They are keeping a familiar aspect to the game in that it is an action game focusing on big set-pieces and storytelling, but also introduces the new time-break mechanics discussed above.

Possibly the coolest part of the game is how it integrates with the accompanying live-action television show. A ghost of the original framework of the Xbox One, Quantum Break gives us a glimpse into what the Xbox One could have been if Microsoft did not change their policies. Your actions and decisions in-game directly affect what happens in the live-action television show (bundled in with the game) and vise-versa, where the events that take place on the television show will guide you in the game.

Have you seen the gameplay reveal? Please, do yourself a favor.

As of right now, pre-orders for Quantum Break sit at around 40,000 copies in the United States (see here). It could be much higher, with around 20 million Xbox One consoles out in the market. Part of this has to do with the game being delayed for so long, so naturally interest has died down. I am here to bang the hype-drum for the game, as it is 100% coming out on April 6th, 2016. Quantum Break is an experience that no Xbox One owner should be oblivious to – it has the potential to break into the market and become a phenomenon like Uncharted. Alan Wake also had that potential, and unfortunately the game was not marketed well enough (despite critic reviews and E3 hype). There is no major conference between now and April for Xbox to push this game. The burden falls to us, the loyal Xbox One fans, to push this game and show Remedy that we love their games and they deserve all of the success in the world.

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