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What Should the Nintendo NX Be?

Nintendo is having a rough year. Aside from the extremely disappointing performance of the Wii U, which is barely selling more than 10 million units total, they had to delay the system seller, The Legend of Zelda Wii U, as well as their strong back-up in Starfox Wii U. More tragic, they lost their President and their Leader Mr. Iwata. All hope is not lost, however. Nintendo confirmed that they are working on another console right now, and that it will be launching in 2016! This is great news for the video game industry, as the Wii U needs to die (it is losing them millions) and a healthy Nintendo is a healthy video game industry. The codename for their next console is the NX. So, what should this NX be to catapult them back to mainstream success? Here are my thoughts. Before reading, I encourage you to check out this article on everything we know about the NX so far.

The NX needs to be at-least on par with the Xbox One and PS4, if not more powerful.

One of the main problems of the Wii U is that the system itself is barely more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3, and is nowhere near close to the performance of the Xbox One or PS4. Hell, the system only comes with a 32GB hard drive! This needs to change. Nintendo, big games (and many 3rd party games which you desperately need) take up 30+ GB now, and your system needs at the bare minimum 500GB, or more preferably 1TB. Also, your system needs to stay on-par or better than the Xbox One and PS4 in order to have those 3rd party developers flock to you.

The NX needs to have a strong launch line-up full of exclusives, as well as lasting and meaningful 3rd party support.

This is kind of linked to the last one, but the NX absolutely needs a great launch line-up of games as well as meaningful, lasting 3rd party support. We will get into specific games later on, but the Wii U’s launch line-up was pretty abysmal, and the entire line-up of the Wii U never even expanded until months after. Launch with a few 1st party games, some 2nd party exclusives, and some 3rd party support. That will allow the consumer to make a choice that is level or better with the Xbox One and PS4.

The NX needs achievements and an overhauled online network.

Have you tried playing with friends on the Wii U? It is a nightmare. The online network needs a complete overhaul. You can’t make a party or chat with friends, only in specific games. Matchmaking is bad, and only featured in some games. And there is no recognition for when you play a game! This needs to change, as the PS4 trophy system and the Xbox One achievement system are now the industry standard (even steam has achievements now). Nintendo, catch up. Give gamer’s achievements worth points when they do things in games.

The NX needs better battery life than the Wii U Gamepad.

The NX is rumoured to have another gamepad, similar to the Wii U’s. If they are going to go this route, the gamepad needs more than 2 hours of battery life! Allow for AA battery’s to be used so the gamepad can be played with for more than 5 hours. There is nothing more frustrating than constantly having to charge the gamepad. It discourages me from playing the Wii U at all.

The NX needs to launch with a Zelda.

Nintendo is taking their time with the new Zelda game for Wii U, and I respect that. But it is now at the point where the game has been delayed all the way to the new console. Solution? Do what Twilight Princess did, and launch on both. This will please your Wii U fan base, and also bolster your launch line-up for the NX.

The NX needs to launch with a brand new, Mario Galaxy or Mario Sunshine-like, 3D Mario game.

The last full 3D Mario Game (I do not count 3D world) was years ago. Nintendo knows how powerful these games are – Mario 64 sold millions of N64’s on its own. A fantastic way to bolster the launch line-up of the NX would be to launch with a brand new 3D Mario game. Galaxy 3? I guess so. But I would love to see a Sunshine 2 or a completely new idea.

The NX needs to stay backwards compatible with the Wii U.

Although the Wii U is a failure, you cannot turn your back on it now. The most hardcore of Nintendo fans purchased this console, and if you shut them out after only 3 years of owning the console they will be *pissed* to say the least. Considering that the NX will likely have a gamepad as well, it only makes sense to make it backwards compatible for the Wii U owners. If you do that, you have 10 million people right off the bat who want to buy your console. If you don’t, you might have lost millions of fans. How would you feel, spending hundreds of dollars on games and a system only to have it become obsolete after a few years, and no way to play those games on the new console?

The NX needs to be appropriately priced, competing with the Xbox One and PS4.

If the NX is any more than $400 at launch, they will not sell. With the way the market is and with how the Xbox One sold at more than $400 and had slower sales than the $400 PS4, the NX needs to see this and price their console at $400 or less.

In closing:

Nintendo has a brilliant opportunity here – they can shut down the Wii U before they lose too much money on it, pump out a new system, and start to be relevant again. The intelligence is there – Nintendo has been around longer than anyone else in the industry.

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