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Give Fable Legends a Chance

The Fable series on Xbox has always held a special, unique place in my heart as a gamer. On one hand, Fable offers an engrossing, engaging world to explore where everything is made with wit, everything is a parody of itself, and the actual core mechanics are surprisingly sound. Fable is an RPG series where the focus really turns to the ‘role-playing’ feature of the genre, focusing less on story or incredibly deep leveling systems or inventory management, and more on a world where you can just exist in. It is certainly special, and a unique property that Microsoft and Lionhead have always had the courage to experiment with, sometimes with no encouraging results.

This is not Fable 4, and Lionhead Studios has acknowledged and confirmed that they are not even working on Fable 4 yet.

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Hiya @justinmorgan57 🙂 We’re not working on a Fable 4, #FableLegends is our priority and will be for the foreseeable future. Thanks!

— Lionhead Studios (@LionheadStudios) September 23, 2015
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Regardless of Fable’s 1-3 past, the here and now is Fable Legends. Fable Legends is a new, very soon to be released free-to-play asymmetrical game. It is 1 dungeon master, or “villain,” vs. 4 “heroes” where the goal of the heroes is to complete the dungeon and the goal of the villain is to stop the heroes. It has not been promoted too well, and is a confusing game to understand. I would encourage you to check out the video below to get an idea of what it is, and here is why you should give it a chance.

First, I know it is not the Fable 4 we all want. But I would like to point out that this game is free-to-play, and is coming out for Windows 10 as well as Xbox One and it will allow cross-play between the two. That alone should warrant at least a look from most gamers – who knows? It could become your new favourite free to play…

Also, the core gameplay looks good enough to stand on its own. It is still the simple, effective Fable combat system we remember from the exquisite Fable and Fable 2, but with new abilities and a new class system as well… I like to think of it similar to a World of Warcraft Dungeon Instance. You have your damage dealers, your healers, your mage, and your rogue class. And the villain plays the role of the Dungeon Master, changing the battlefield, adding monster spawns, and generally messing with the heroes enough to stop them on their quest. Stop to think about it – it sounds pretty cool. Here is the thing, however. The game does not sound like a Fable game, and in fact, it could have been a new IP and people would have been just as excited for it. The only reason this game is called Fable Legends is because they decided to slap the Fable name on it, and borrow some ideas from its combat system. With that being said, it still looks like it has potential to be a great game, and because it is free and available on Xbox One and Windows 10, it should be given a chance. Graphics looks great too!

Something that I think is worth noting is that despite this game being marketed as a primarily multiplayer-only experience, Fable Legends is entirely playable in a single-player format. That is a big + for me, as games like Battlefront and Rainbow Six Seige basically rely entirely on their multiplayer experience, and that to me does not justify a $70+ purchase price.

I encourage everyone to quickly check out the game’s website here. Explore the tabs, the FAQ, and the video library. I think that this game will become more attractive to you the more you know about it. I wish Microsoft was marketing this game properly, because if they were marketing this game like World of Warcraft Dungeon Instances, but all the time, people would flock to this game in droves. Unfortunately, I do not think the same will be the case.


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