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5 Reasons Why Halo 5: Guardians could be the Best Halo Yet

Halo 5 is shaping up to be the biggest game of the year – it looks to absolutely dominate October and the months to come with its free updates and content that will be rolling out regularly. While my last post talked about 6 Warning Signs for Halo 5: Guardians, this post will focus on why I think Halo 5 could be the best Halo yet. Hear me out – I think you will agree.

1. Warzone

If you haven’t seen Warzone yet, you’re doing it wrong (by ‘it’, I mean life). Warzone looks to be the true next evolution of Halo multiplayer – massive 12 vs 12 matches, coupled with A.I. bosses to earn points, the biggest maps Halo has ever seen, vehicles and power weapons galore for both teams, and joining in-game sessions of Warzone. Watch this video below, I think it will win you over. I know it has won me over, and has won over critics and consumers alike.

2. Competitive Arena Focus (eSports)

This one is a biggie. Halo 5, more than any other Halo game to date, is focusing on eSports. It just so happens that Halo 2 turned out to be this massive eSports game, largely due to it being the biggest multiplayer shooter of its time and the introduction of Xbox Live. Since then, support has slowly been dwindling, along with interest in the eSports community. Now, 343i is working hard to make sure that the competitive scene is the best Halo has ever seen. $1,000,000+ prize pool for the Halo World Championships (also new)? Check. Micro-transactions that players can buy that put money towards prize pools in these tournaments (crowdfunding)? Check. API support? Check. Competitive balance? Check. It’s all there people, and it is going to be a wild ride.
3. ALL DLC Maps are Free

This one is my favourite, and probably many others favourite. Halo 5’s DLC content, aka map packs, will all be free to anyone with an Xbox Live gold membership. They promise over 20 maps will be added to the game between the game’s launch, and E3 2016. This was one of Halo 4s biggest problems – these map packs split the community into seven different groups, and support dwindled from there. Now, we’re all going to be one big happy Halo family.
4. Blue Team is Back!

So if you haven’t read Halo: The Fall of Reach I suggest you kindly finish reading this article, like, comment, and subscribe, and then swiftly run to the book store or pick up your tablet and purchase a copy of this book. It is vital to the story of Halo 5, and actually the rest of the series. More importantly, it introduces Master Chief’s fireteam, Blue Team. All Spartan II’s who were kidnapped at the age of 6 and then trained and genetically augmented to become super soldiers together, Linda, Kelly, Fred, and John are all highly skilled and experienced Spartans. I cannot wait to see the awesome stuff this team will pull-off in the game, as well as the banter.


5. Chief is going Insane

Last but not least, Master Chief has lost Cortana. His voice of reason, his sanity, and his companion. How will he react to this? We already see signs of him going a little nuts in the Blue Team opening trailer, but how will 343i handle his character? Frankly, the Master Chief on paper is a very stereotypical action hero character, and there is nothing wrong with that. Now he is under the microscope for the first time, and we are actually seeing him as a human being. This was beginning to percolate in Halo 4, but Halo 5 is where this is going to really get cooking.

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