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7 Tips to Destroy in Halo Multiplayer

With Halo 5: Guardians launching in 15 days, I thought I would pass along some multiplayer tips that both seasoned Halo players and new players alike can use to do better in multiplayer. Below are my 7 tips to destroy in Halo mutliplayer.

1. Spend time trying not to die

Ok, don’t do this, but you get the idea

Ok, this one seems obvious. But I challenge you to just spend time trying to extend your average life in a Halo game – it really helps. Instead of charging face-first into battle, try player pieces of cover, not challenging another player when you know you can’t win (i.e., you have already taken a shot or two), and sticking to the outskirts of the map rather than the middle. I guarantee you that you will die less and as we all know, dying less is good and gives your team a better chance to win. It’s an unconscious thing we all do, but try doing it consciously. It helps.

2. Move with other players
This one works in a lot of games other than Halo – try moving in a pack rather than lone-wolfing it, especially when you are not confident with your skills, weapons, or maps yet in. This applies to me every single time I play a new Halo game – I go where others go, and this pack mentality usually ends up in me winning a ton of games when a game launches, and then gradually less over time. Moving in a pack means that you have more people shooting at your enemies, you have an opportunity to run away and recharge your shields, and if you encounter more than 1 enemy you actually have a fighting chance. If you don’t have friends with you to stay in a pack, just try to tag along with anyone else on your team – you will probably find that whoever you tag along with will do better as well.

3. Learn where the power weapons spawn

That’s a legendary Energy Sword. Learn where it is!

This is crucial to the success of any multiplayer game; find out where the power weapons spawn. Halo 5 is making it easy, with indicators telling you where they land when they spawn, but this still holds true. Knowing where the power weapons spawn, especially before they spawn, will give you a tactical advantage over the other team. Not only that, knowing where the power weapons spawn gives you an advantage because you can pick off enemy players trying to pick up said weapon. Usually, players make a mad dash to the power weapons without a second thought – take that and use it. Just keep picking them off until the coast is clear, and take the weapon for yourself.

4. Know your strengths and weaknesses
Also crucial, and this will develop over time. Know what you are good at in Halo! Bad at using the Battle Rife? Then don’t engage enemies in a mid-range environment – long-range and short-range will put you at an advantage when facing a Battle Rifle. That is just one example – but play to your strengths, know your weaknesses, and most importantly focus on improving those weaknesses. Even if they do not become strengths for you, at least you won’t be a liability in that area anymore. Practice by moving in packs and spending time trying not to die! This will allow you a safer environment to practice in when you are surrounded by teammates, and also more time alive means more shooting, more practice, and therefore improvement.

5. Don’t go out in the open – always have 1 front covered
This one also seems obvious, but being attacked from behind is a really easy way to die in Halo. Rarely do you have the time to turn around and gain the upper advantage on your opponent once he has the jump on you. Also, assassinations are instant kills. Pay attention to how many fronts you can be attacked on at any given time, especially when considering a spot you might want to sit at or watch for a bit (King of the Hill). Having at least 1 front covered at all times will drastically improve your survival rate, and possibly your k/d ratio as well. On a side note, make sure you’re not backed into a corner, because that almost always results in death too. This kind of awareness is built over time with familiarity to each map, but just being aware of a front that is always covered will help. Trust me.

6. Call-outs

Oftentimes, what separates the pro’s from the noob’s are Call-outs

This one is more about killing than surviving. Playing Halo with friends? Establish some simple call-outs for each map. Knowing where the enemy is or where you are going is a huge help to the rest of your team. “Going for Sniper, saw enemy moving towards shotty” is a really easy call-out to make and it gives you and your team a great idea of how the match will flow (feel free to replace weapon names and location names with each map). Couple this with my previous tip of knowing the maps and power weapons, and all of a sudden your team knows exactly where that player is, and where you are going to be. Listen to each other, talk to each other, and you will be surprised how well you can play even against more skilled players.

7. Don’t be afraid to try new things
Lastly, don’t be afraid to try new things. Had a couple of bad games in a row? Try using a different weapon, or approaching from a different path. Try adjusting your sensitivity up or down a few notches and see how well you play. Run with team-mates and just focus on removing shields for them (what I do when I’m playing poorly so we can still win). Instead of using a Battle Rifle, try your luck with a DMR or a Covenant Carbine.

Have you seen our other pages? Check them out! We have all of our content spread across a variety of media. Check us out, we’d really appreciate it!

Have you seen our other pages? Check them out! We have all of our content spread across a variety of media. Check us out, we’d really appreciate it!

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