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5 Reasons why Halo 5 is Inspired by Halo Reach

Halo 5: Guardians is coming out October 27th, 2015 on the Xbox One exclusively, and I could not be more excited. In this excitement, I wanted to play some old firefight with a couple of friends on the Xbox 360, so we all booted up Halo 3: ODST and played a game of firefight only to be disconnected shortly after (the servers in that game were never that good, and are also now old). So as our backup plan we loaded up Halo: Reach as it also has firefight. After playing some of that it dawned on me that Halo 5: Guardians is heavily inspired by Halo: Reach and its ideas, and the more I played the more it made sense. Below are 5 reasons why Halo 5 is inspired by Halo Reach.

1. Spartan squad based campaign
Halo: Reach was the first and only Halo game to have you consistently in (practically) every mission be supported by a squad of fellow Spartans. Even though in Halo: Reach practically all of them part ways by the end of it, either by death or escape, this was the first game to do this. It worked very well too, as for the first time in a Halo game you felt like you actually had some competent support. The ENTIRE point of the Halo 5 campaign is to have you constantly supported by a team of fellow Spartans, always having support and issuing commands and using their specialties is a big part of the campaign, and it is easy to see why they went back to this after seeing it work so well in Halo: Reach.

2. REQ is extremely similar to Credits (cR)

cR in Halo Reach

Halo Reach was also the first game to issue a credit system where you earn credits, cR for short, in everything you do to earn rewards and armor customization options. This was a great system as it meant that players had to play a lot of time on Halo Reach to get the upgrades they wanted. Also, some upgrades were locked until you reached a certain rank, and you increased your rank by earning total cR. This is practically mirrored in Halo 5 as you now earn REQ points for everything you do in multiplayer to unlock REQ packs, which are cards that are either consumable weapons and vehicles in Warzone multiplayer or armor customization options. And much like cR, in Warzone you have to earn a certain amount of REQ to level up your REQ level in order to unlock certain items, just like the cR system worked in Reach for armor.

REQ Station in Warzone

3. Armor Abilities are the focus of the game
Halo Reach first introduced armor abilities in Halo, and it has not been ditched since. It was also one of the main focuses of the game, with armor abilities fundamentally changing how players played the game. Armor abilities have not been ditched since, and they are evolving again in Halo 5. Now instead of players choosing 1 armor ability for their Spartan, now they can use the full arsenal of armor abilities whenever they choose to in matchmaking. There are some new ones as well, but the idea behind this is to restore the “even playing-field” that Halo was once known for. Now, every player can use any armor ability at their discretion as it is built into the controls. This is very much so a main focus of Halo 5, just like it was on Reach, to fundamentally change the way the players play.

4. Warzone is the evolution of Invasion from Reach


Invasion was a base attack mode first introduced in Halo Reach, and it was ditched in Halo 4. Now, in Halo 5, Warzone is an evolution of Invasion as base attack makes its way back into Halo matchmaking. Invasion was a 6vs6 mode where there was an attack and defender of a base, and they would have to capture certain checkpoints to advance up the map. These maps were HUGE. Better weapons and better vehicles were unlocked for the attackers AND defenders. In Warzone, it is a 12vs12 base attack and PvE/PvP mode where you unlock more weapons and vehicle with more bases that you capture and defend. These maps are also HUGE. It is clear that Warzone is a spiritual successor to Invasion from Halo Reach

Huge Warzone Map

5. Major characters introduced in Reach, such as Jun and Halsey, are a large part of the story
Jun and Halsey as characters in game were first introduced in Halo Reach, and are now a major part of the Halo story all thanks to Halo Reach. Jun (as discussed in my Halo: New Blood Book review) plays a major role in recruiting new Spartan IVs, and personally recruited Buck from Fireteam Osiris. Halsey is the creator of the Spartan program, and also the creator of Cortana who is now gone (maybe?). A Halo game has never been this invested in its lore before, and it all started back with characters in Halo: Reach. I know that Halsey was introduced in Halo: The Fall of Reach, but she was never seen in-game and used as a character in-game until Halo Reach, and they are now both major characters and drive the story of Halo 4 and Halo 5.

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