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10 Fallout 4 Predictions and Announcement Reaction

Wow – I was not expecting that. But the more I think about it, the more I see how brilliant of a marketing tactic this way. Fallout 4 was officially teased on June 4th, 2015, and officially announced on June 5th, 2015, with its own full-length in-game trailer. But why would Bethesda reveal Fallout 4 just a week and a half away from their first ever E3 press conference? Well, to be honest, the more you think about it the more you think how you didn’t see this coming in the first place.

For those who haven’t seen the trailer yet…

We live in an age where nothing is sacred in the video game industry anymore – leaks happen every single day, and they are impossible to stop once they get out, and every day there are more ways for leaks to get out. With rumours running rampant with Fallout 4 being all but confirmed for E3, and with E3 directly looming on the horizon, the risk for this game to be leaked before officially being revealed was at an all-time high. There have been rumours for years, but with Bethesda hosting their first ever E3 press conference this year and with each passing day more and more details being leaked onto the internet about this game, why would Bethesda wait for the entire reveal to be leaked, when that is something they could control?

All it would take is a screenshot and the logo to be leaked to fully remove all of the steam out of the proverbial hype train. So Bethesda, with a week and a half before their conference, decided to take matters into their own hands. Why wait for something to leak, when you could have all the power, all of the control, and control the hype. This way, they can tailor their marketing strategy exactly how they want to, without having to worry about the game already being revealed.

With that out of the way – here are 10 features I am predicting for Fallout 4.
1. The game will release November 15th, 2015.

Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Skyrim were all released the year they were revealed at E3 – why would this be any different? Bethesda Game Studios realizes something that other game companies haven’t figured out yet – announcing a game too far in advance will not build hype – it will actually drain it. A prime example is Watch Dogs or, more recently, Evolve, where there were so many E3’s and Beta’s and gameplay demos for each that when the game actually released there was no steam left for the game. Why drag it out? People will not stay excited forever – so reduce the time that people have to react to something (without making it too short, of course, to get proper exposure).

2. Fallout 4 will feature the main character actually being voice-acted. This will be the case for both a female and male character.

At the end of the reveal trailer – the main character speaks. This is a first for the series – and aligns with a former Bethesda Softworks employee’s statement that Fallout 4 will feature full voice-acted main characters. This will be the case if you choose a male or a female protagonist.

3.  You will start the game with dogmeat – as seen in the trailer. 
The dog (presumably Dogmeat) from the trailer had more screen-time than any other part of the game in the trailer… to me this places a certain importance or significance on having a dog as a companion this time around. In past games, you can get a dog as a companion but it seems that in Fallout 4 the dog will be a constant companion. I am predicting that you emerge from Vault 111 with your canine companion.

From the trailer

4. Dynamic weather will play a big factor in the series for the first time. 
Again, in the trailer we saw weather in the form of rain… presumably in a nuclear apocalypse any kind of weather would be inclement or acid…  imagine the consequences of being caught outdoors in an acid rain storm? That would scream Fallout – and I have a very good feeling that this will be the case in Fallout 4.

In the trailer it is raining in this scene.

5. There will be five expansion packs over the next year after its release – with a large one releasing Fall 2016 that will include a visit to New York City
The game is about three times as large as Skyrim according to an ex Bethesda Softworks employee… looking at Boston on a map – New York City is actually very close to it in proximity and I could see a large expansion pack being announced at next-years E3 for this game that would open up a post-nuclear war New York City for the protagonist  to explore.

6. I predict the ability to transfer your Fallout 3 save game.
The game is rumoured to take place 10 years after Fallout 3 – therefore I predict an ability to transfer a save-game. The transfer would affect how your world looks and reacts to your decisions and it would be a very interesting game mechanic to implement for the series.

7. Dynamic radiation exposure.
I think that with the new game engine for Fallout 4, radiation exposure will actually show on your character. Too much radiation exposure? Perhaps you grow some more fingers. Or maybe your skin starts to turn green… or worse – you begin to transform into a ghoul. That would be incredible.

The heralded Death-Claw… looking scarier than ever

8. Dynamic map control for factions.
Factions have always played a large role in the Fallout series. This was emphasized in Fallout: New Vegas, where factions each had their own opinion on you depending on your actions and it would change the outcome of the game completely. With Fallout 4, factions will no doubt play a large role again, whether it be the Brotherhood of Steel, the Commonwealth, or what have you, I see the factions actually having dynamic map and city control depending on your characters choices and actions. Your character helps out the Brotherhood too much? They take control of Boston, and opposing factions attempt to take it back.

9. The return of Three-Dog for Galaxy News Radio.
He hasn’t confirmed anything yet – but Erik Todd Dellums, the voice of Three Dog of Galaxy News Radio from Fallout 3, could be back as our radio voice for Fallout 4.


10. Xbox 360 and PS3 ports of the game.
This is tough to say – but this game would have started development during the previous generation of consoles. My guess is that while the games were certainly being made for this generation, they were developed for hardware that would have been compatible with previous-generation consoles. The result? I think that there will be an Xbox 360 and PS3 version of Fallout 4 that will run on the Skyrim engine.

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