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Bethesda E3 2015 Predictions

I wanted to make an E3 Predictions article to tell everyone what I think will happen (based on
evidence or instinct) at this years E3 event. I am going to break it down by conference for major announcements, and I will justify these predictions with a few sentences below the prediction. What I will do is after E3, I will take a look at this and see how many I got right and how many I got wrong, as well as any major ones I missed. Should be fun!*disclaimers*
– When referring to next-gen systems I mean PS4 and Xbox One… Wii U would be specifically mentioned, as I feel that the new Nintendo NX will be their true next-gen system.
– Beside each game I will post what systems it will release on – when I say Windows 10 I mean it is designed for Xbox on Windows 10, and when I say PC it means PC in general (like current PC games).
– I will post articles for support where I can, however most of these are just from my gut. Articles support that there is speculation and/or rumours circulating. Otherwise, just enjoy the summary!
– Some conferences will have more announcements than others – that is because some games are bigger and will take up more time, and some conferences are shorter (e.g., Bethesda’s).
– I will only be posting games announced at specific conferences – obviously there will be games that are coming to different consoles announced at different conferences.
– I will be doing individual conferences in following posts.
– 1 week before the first E3 conference, I will do a summary where I will put it all in one place, and if anything has changed from when I predicted it then I will note it (e.g., anything that is more likely, less likely, confirmed or denied).

This is the first year that Bethesda will host their own E3 Conference
This is the first year that Bethesda is hosting their own E3 conference. Similar to other game publishing companies like EA and Ubisoft, they will display their arsenal of games coming to other platforms rather than showcasing their games at other conferences. Bethesda actually owns 7, count it, 7 game studios including Bethesda Game Studios, and they should have plenty of games to show.
Everyone is expecting a major Fallout game to be revealed this year. If there isn’t, I think this conference will be discounted immediately as a bad conference. Why else would they host their own conference if not to reveal one of the most anticipated games since Skyrim? Either way, this will be one of the most interesting conferences at this year’s E3, and I cannot wait to see what happens.
The Games:
Fallout 4 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
Announced for Fall 2015 – Finally. The game is rumored to be set in the Boston area, however I am going to go out on a limb and say that the game is going to be set in New York State, with the game being so large that it contains New York City within it. Coming only to next-gen consoles and PC (see here, here, here, and here). This is all but confirmed, and if it doesn’t happen there is going to be a very, very big hole for Bethesda to fill at their first E3 Conference ever.

I hope it is. It better be.
Dishonored 2 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
Announced for a 2016 release date, shown off, exclusively next gen (see here). The original Dishonored game was a surprise hit, and my bet is that they have been working on a next-gen sequel ever-since.
Doom 4 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
Finally gets a firm release date (see here). The game is already confirmed to be at their conference (see video here). This game will be fully playable at the show, and I bet it will be released in Q1 2016.
Battlecry – Xbox One, PS4, PC
Shown off some more (see here). Will we get a release date? Hopefully. The game looks interesting and I encourage you to click the link above to find out more. It is Bethesda’s take on Team Fortress style gameplay.

Stylized and fun – this game looks awesome.
Rage 2 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
The original Rage game had excellent graphics and played pretty well – unfortunately it was bland otherwise. With the recent up rise of interest in post-apocalyptic games, I see ID Software or another team working on a sequel.New IP – Xbox One, PS4, PC
My bet is that Bethesda will have a game that nobody will be expecting at their conference – something completely new being developed by one of their recently acquired studios. What kind of game will it be?

In conclusion Bethesda definitely has a lot to show and a lot to prove at this year’s E3. They have to come out swinging or they may never hold a press conference again – they need to hit hard with a big Fallout announcement, then follow up with other games to strengthen their showcase. Or, they need to keep the audience waiting the entire conference, showing other games, then shown Fallout at the end and make everyone lose their minds and break the internet. Regardless, they hold a lot of power this year, and they have to prove that they have the staying power like Ubisoft and EA does to do this every year and to continue to expand like they have been.

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