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Nintendo E3 2015 Predictions

I wanted to make an E3 Predictions article to tell everyone what I think will happen (based on 
evidence or instinct) at this years E3 event. I am going to break it down by conference for major announcements, and I will justify these predictions with a few sentences below the prediction. What I will do is after E3, I will take a look at this and see how many I got right and how many I got wrong, as well as any major ones I missed. Should be fun!

– When referring to next-gen systems I mean PS4 and Xbox One… Wii U would be specifically mentioned, as I feel that the new Nintendo NX will be their true next-gen system.
– Beside each game I will post what systems it will release on – when I say Windows 10 I mean it is designed for Xbox on Windows 10, and when I say PC it means PC in general (like current PC games).
– I will post articles for support where I can, however most of these are just from my gut. Articles support that there is speculation and/or rumours circulating. Otherwise, just enjoy the summary!
– Some conferences will have more announcements than others – that is because some games are bigger and will take up more time, and some conferences are shorter (e.g., Bethesda’s).
– I will only be posting games announced at specific conferences – obviously there will be games that are coming to different consoles announced at different conferences.
– I will be doing individual conferences in following posts.
– 1 week before the first E3 conference, I will do a summary where I will put it all in one place, and if anything has changed from when I predicted it then I will note it (e.g., anything that is more likely, less likely, confirmed or denied).

Nintendo – Wii U and 3DS
The 3DS continues to print money, while the Wii U continues to slide.


More than any other year, Nintendo needs to provide assurance to their fans. With the already announced Nintendo NX on the horizon, how will Nintendo assure Wii U and 3DS owners that they are still committed to them? What is coming in the next two years to make the purchase of a Wii U worthwhile? What will drive the final years of the systems life?

To be fair, we know absolutely nothing about the Nintendo NX other than it is a dedicated gaming console. Perhaps the Wii U and 3DS will serve the casual market, while the NX will serve the hardcore market. Nobody has any answers except for Nintendo, and this year at E3 they need to provide some.

Nintendo does not hold a conference; rather they hold one of their direct video “Nintendo Direct” conferences online. This also happens during E3, and is considered their version of a conference.

The Games:

Starfox – Wii U
The game is finally shown off – announced for a fall 2015 release date. The game features gamepad functionality and uses it in a very interesting way. It also works with their classic controller.
This is as much as we have seen of Starfox Wii U
Metroid Prime 4 – Wii U
A new Metroid prime game is announced for a Fall 2015 release date. The game also features interesting gamepad functionality, and continues where Metroid Prime 3 left off.
New Smash Bros DLC and Mario Kart DLC

This one is obvious. These two games are pure system sellers, and people cannot get enough of it. There will be new Smash Bros characters announced and more Mario Kart DLC announced at this years Nintendo Direct E3 video. My guess on the Smash Bros character(s)? Lots and lots of Fire Emblem characters.

New 3D Mario Game revealed – Nintendo NX
…but not announced for any console. Will be on the NX unofficially as a launch title. My guess is Super Mario Universe (or Galaxy 3). A big open world 3D mario game has been lacking on a Nintendo Console since Super Mario Galaxy 2, and they are due for the next one (3D world does not count!).
Or this… this would be nice.
Super Mario Sunshine HD – Wii U
This one is a long shot. The game will be announced and ready to download the same day (please?).F-Zero – Wii U and 3DS
Announced for the Wii U and 3DS and will come out this year. Similar to Smash Bros, I see this game having interchangeable controllers between the 3DS and Wii U peripherals.

Pokemon Z – 3DS
The sister game to X and Y will be revealed for the 3DS this E3 and will release this year.

The Legend of Zelda – NX and Wii U
The game will be shown off a little more…I am betting since this game was delayed until 2016 that this game will be like Twilight Princess was, and release both on the Wii U and the NX.

It looks amazing… but it looks like it will be a dual-platform release

The System:

Wii U price drop to $249


What I have laid out here for Nintendo is what they should do on ideal circumstances. This would get gamers excited. Very excited. Plenty of reasons to purchase a 3DS and Wii U, as well as to look forward to what Nintendo has up their sleeve with the NX. I will be honest, much of this is a shot in the dark, I have no evidence for many of these claims. Nintendo keeps their cards to their chest, and this is the best I could muster. Lets hope they can muster something as well.

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